Let us change the face of jaggery industry, together!

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✅We are on a mission to provide products that purify and nourish your body, mind, and soul. Our products are not just food, they are an experience that reflects our core values of purity, authenticity, and innovation.

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Our farmers are our pride, and we pledge to support them.

‘Paawak, since 2014, has grown with the intention of serving both consumers and farmers by helping them in the most beneficial manner. On the one hand, farmers are paid fairly for their efforts, and consumers are provided with high-quality jaggery products based on research and innovation. Farmers in India have always served the country with food, a necessity for every nation. But somewhere, these farmers are not receiving the appropriate amount for their hard work, and here's where we decided to make a change, as there is a farmer in each one of us as an Indian.