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Nutri Rich Laddoo

Chop almonds and cashew nuts into small pieces and roast them separately till it becomes light brown and crisp. Take black til, white til, dry grated coconut, flax seeds roast them separately in a vessel till it becomes crisp.  Melt ghee in a vessel and add measured amount of wheat flour and gondh gum in same vessel and cook till it becomes swollen and light brown in colour, remove all gondh and keep it aside for some time.  Melt jiggery in different vessel containing ghee and remove from the gas stove. Add roasted almonds, cashew nuts, black til, white til, dry grated coconut, flax seeds, gondh gum, dry fig chopped, khuskhus and mawa together in melted jiggery and mix all the ingredients well with spoon or hands. Make small ladoo out of the mixture and roll the ladoo immediately in siloni coconut keep them aside for 5-10 minutes and serve them.