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Meethi Katori

Melt the powdered jaggery in 1⁄2 cup water in a kadhai. Take 60gms wheat flour in a big plate, add ghee to it. Add the melted jaggery at intervals with spoon to make soft dough. Divide the dough into 5 parts & make small rotis out of it. Heat oil in a kadhai. Take an alluminium design katori & place 1 roti behind it & press along the shape of the katori. Make holes at back of the katori using a fork. Put the katori in the heated oil & let it cook for some seconds. Then gradually remove the katori using a pakkad.Repeat the same with another roti. After the katoris are formed place some strips of coconut & a little jaggery mixed with desiccated coconut. Place a small amount of desiccated coconut & jaggery powder in the centre of the remaining rotis & turn it half into a semi circle so that the filing remains inside. Press the corner parts by bringing the left side a little towards right. Till the end of the semi circle.Fry them in the heated oil.