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Welcome to Paawak Foods!

Paawak Foods is a fast growing company engaged in agro products. Since inception the company’s core business has been crafting a distinct identity by developing its own brand in jaggery and jaggery based products. The quality of our jaggery products is optimal as they are procured from the best sources. We process them under hygienic conditions by adopting quality methods. We conduct strict quality check tests before delivering the products to our clients to ensure that no substandard product is delivered to the client.

Our Products

We have carved a niche for ourselves in the arena of manufacturing & marketing of comprehensive range of natural jaggery & jaggery based products.

As per research, jaggery is not given the first preference as natural sweetener because of the inconsistent quality and inconvenient size of jaggery. Also jaggery available in the current market has a lot of harmful chemicals. Hence to overcome these issues, we have introduced natural chemical free jaggery in small cubes and powdered form.

‘Purifying Yourself’ is the mantra of our ‘Homa Therapy Agnihotra' jaggery powder. The central idea of Homa Therapy is, you heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. Paawak natural jaggery powder is made from specially grown sugar cane which is cultivated as per Homa and Agnihotra process.

Our natural jaggery is available in two variants:

Why Paawak?

Paawak means 'purifying'. We innovate and provide products which signify what we stand for!
Prime reason to start Paawak is to provide products with a main focus on the most essential three things - quality, quality and quality!
We emphasize on customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate aim!
Our priority is to provide only nutritional products and stay aligned to the vision and mission of Paawak!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Paawak Jaggery is the most naturally made and tastes very good. Its original sugarcane taste is what makes it very distinct. In the world where there is food adulteration in almost every thing, it's good to know that brands like Paawak Jaggery are making such healthy and delicious products.

Dinesh Solanki

Paawak organic jaggery is good for our health and it prevents constipation, helps to build haemoglobin, increases immunity. Treats flu like symptoms like cough - cold, migraine. We can use Paawak organic jaggery to make laddus and mithai.

Ujwala Sancheti

I love the brand Paawak because I use it for my kid. It suits him that's the best part. I love Paawak specially cause of the customer service. They are very prompt and efficient. Please keep up the good work.

Aneesha Prakash